Packrafting Safety & Rescue 2 (education)

Explore the river safely.

The West Coast of North America is home to some of the best whitewater rivers on earth, and there is no better way to explore the backcountry than to paddle your way through it. Our courses will teach you how to recreate in moving water safely, how the river works, and how to recognize hazards and mitigate them. You will become proficient in self-rescue (if you fall in), companion rescue (if your partner falls in), and subject rescue (improvised and organized rescue response). We specialize in Packrafting specific courses!

Guide : guest

1 : 8


2 days

Gear required

This Course requires that all participants use a whitewater capable packraft. Packrafts are available for purchase or rental from Mt. Waddington's Outdoors. Please notify your instructor if you require a boat rental as quantities are limited.

Rescue Canada Provides:
  • Throw Bags and Throw bag belts

    Students Require: (Available for Rent)
  • Thermal Protection - Drysuit
  • PFD
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Boots

    Rentals available at the following costs: Whitewater Alpacka Raft - $100 per day, Drysuit- $25 per day, Helmet $5 per day, Boots $10 per day, PFD $20 per day

    (Email us if you require rentals.... quantities limited)
  • Fitness requirement

    Completion of Swiftwater Awareness Course (included). Good Health and Able to Swim.


    Both days will take place on the Chilliwack River. Locations to be determined based on flow rates


    Training will be 2 days plus eLearning:
  • eLearning will be sent approximately 2 weeks prior to training and is to be completed prior to the course
  • 2 days practical training on the river

    Day 1 (8:30-16:30)
    Paperwork and Introductions Rescue
    Matrix and Philosophy eLearning Review
    Personal Protective Equipment
    Hydrology Identification
    Hazard Identification
    Site/Risk Assessments
    Emergency Planning
    Swiftwater Swimming
    Throw Bag and Belay
    Self-Rescue – Body Entrapment Self-Rescue – Foot Entrapment Self-Rescue –
    Equipment Entrapment Debriefs

    Day 2 (8:30-16:30)
    Rope/Webbing/Anchors Intro to paddling
    Basic Paddle Strokes Ferrying
    Self Rescue into packraft Boat flips
    River reading and scouting Running rapids
    River Trip
  • Prerequistes




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