Intro to Hiking/Backpacking

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If you’ve lived in BC for any amount of time, you know that our hikes are world class. For those looking to begin their hiking journey, this course is for you. This four hour instructional seminar will cover the basics required to hike and back pack safely. We will go over all the knowledge you will need to do remote day hikes, over night hikes and multiday excursions. We will cover necessary gear, give an intro to navigation systems and personal safety systems, as well as show you how to choose objectives wisely. If you have never travelled in the back country, this is a perfect introduction for you.

Event Details

As a requirement of participation with Ascent Fraser Valley Guides and Mountain School, you will be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to the beginning of the activity.

Virtual training
None for this course.

Day 1
Group seminar format

Guide:guest ratio
1 : 12

4 hours

Gear required

  • None

Fitness requirement

Chilliwack, specific location TBD

Wednesday evenings.



Venue: Chilliwack



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