Avalanche Safety Training 2

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This course is a much more in depth look into backcountry travel and snowpack assessment. This 4-day course is for someone who has done their AST 1, has spent time in the field and is looking for more information to help their decision making. There is no better way to learn the nuances of decision making than to spend time in the mountains with our experienced professional mountain guides, engaging in collective discussions and live time decision making as a group. You will do a brief review of the curriculum you learned in AST 1, travel extensively into complex terrain, work on transceiver techniques, and learn a wide variety of new skills in awesome places.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Transceiver skills and companion rescue using the latest transceiver technology.
  • Single and multiple person extraction will be practiced.
  • Group management skills and group dynamics and decision making will be discussed and put into practice.
  • The latest digging and probing techniques will be practiced.
  • Introduction to snowpack evaluation such as compression tests, extended compression tests, rutsch block tests, and more.
  • Weather forecasting.
  • Information documentation, snowpack analysis, and stability analysis.
  • Pre-trip information gathering.
  • Introduction to the daily trip form.
  • Refine route finding and decision making, before, during and after the day, with an emphasis on information gathering throughout the day.
  • Introduction to the latest safety gear, specifically air bag packs.

**snowshoe specific AST 2 courses can be arranged**

Event Details

As a requirement of participation with Ascent Fraser Valley Guides and Mountain School, you will be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to the beginning of the activity.

Virtual training
Due to COVID-19, all classroom components need to be completed in advance on a virtual training platform. Your instructor will be in touch with you and will send you the appropriate links and resources to complete this portion of the course.

Day 1
Field portion 1: Exact location TBD

Day 2
Field portion 2: Exact location TBD

Guide:guest ratio
1 : 8

2 days

Gear required*
Transceiver, Probe, Shovel
Skis, splitboard or snowshoes
Waterproof gloves
Waterproof Jacket, Pants, Base layers
Headlamp (with fresh batteries)
30-40Lday pack
Water bottle

Fitness requirement
Basic level of hiking/ skiing

The field portion of this course will occur in the local Fraser Valley backcountry.

The classroom training will have to be completed individually via virtual training prior to the course dates. The field days will start at 9am and run until 5pm.

No previous avalanche experience is required. In order to enable your learning experience, you must participate in this course on skis, splitboard or snowshoes.


*It is the clients responsibility to secure equipment prior to the course or trip. If renting through Mt. Waddington Outdoors, you will receive a discount code for online rentals. Please allow adequate time to acquire your rental gear, specifically if shipment is required.

Venue: Mt Waddingtons Outdoors - 5643 Vedder Road, Chilliwack



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