For Mountaineers the calling of the mountains is not just a cliche,

it is a gravitational force that emerges within each of us as the magic of big mountain terrain, glacier travel and exploration begins to take hold. If you desire to go places that few others will ever experience, and to push yourself as you summit mountains and meet other amazing people doing the same, than we certainly do have the Courses and Trips for you. Our Courses range from understanding Mountaineering Basics on a 2 day course, to Advanced Skills courses spanning more than a week.


Intro to Mountaineering

The Mountaineering Basics course is designed to take you from simply dreaming of spending time in big mountain terrain, to actually getting out there and doing it. This course will build a solid foundation of the essential skills required for basic general mountaineering objectives and allow you to learn in the same environments that you plan to explore with your new skills. There is no better way to gain confidence and practical knowledge than spending time in the mountains with a professional mountain guide.

Advanced Mountaineering

This course is designed for those looking to become proficient at moving in the mountains, choosing new routes, assessing conditions and confidently leading teams through big mountain terrain. Spend 5 days learning and refining skills and finish the course by summitting a few spectacular peaks in the process! We have designed this course to be an in-depth dive into the fundamentals of mountaineering, you will leave this course feeling confident in each of the elements that make up a well-rounded big mountain skillset. Each morning we will meet at an agreed upon location, either in the Coquihalla area, manning Park or in the Chilliwack River Valley. These locations will be decided on closer to the date of the course due to weather and snowpack variations. Throughout the days in the field, our Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) team will work through the topics that are important for big mountain travel.

Crevasse Rescue

This Crevasse Rescue course prepares you and your team for traveling through glaciated terrain. This course dives into a variety of techniques and scenarios that may arise while out on a glacier. We will cover a wide range of situations, all requiring different procedures and skill sets. You will leave with an understanding of how to build anchors, ascend a line, utilize different hauling systems, and more. We will spend the first day in a snow free area learning about hauling systems, knots, and rescue equipment. The second day will be spent in the backcountry, putting these skills to use.

Upcoming Mountaineering  courses

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