Avalanche safety

Professional snow safety and avalanche training courses.

We offer a wide variety of snow safety and avalanche training courses, no matter your background, fitness or level of experience. When choosing a course it is important to be realistic about your current level of experience, and to have an idea of what kinds of winter adventures you are hoping to do to ensure that your time in the mountains with our instructors and guides is as beneficial as possible. Winter in the Cascade and Coast ranges is truly one of the most magical places to be and we are passionate about giving you the skills so that you can make the most out of every one of your days out there exploring.



Avalanche Skills Training 1 (AST 1) is your place to start. You don't need any experience to take this course. It is a must for everyone recreating in the backcountry or slackcountry in the Winter. This is the course where you'll learn how to recognize avalanche terrain and how to companion rescue.


Feel confident as you choose your next line and plan your trips deeper into the mountains. An AST 2 course builds on the skills learned in AST 1, and provides a more advanced decision-making framework for travelling in avalanche terrain. It is also a steppingstone for further CAA industry training programs.

Upcoming AST  courses

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